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Big data projects: Only valid master data leads to success

In the era of big data and advancing digitisation, almost all marketing and business decisions are based on data evaluations. To make those promising decisions, complete and reliable data proves to be indispensable. This starts with the master data, that is, the basic information on each individual company. Without this, a data-driven company cannot be […]

Price reductions: What retailers should observe

Price reductions: What happens if a retailer lowers the prices of premium brands of a higher quality and price? Does the retailer of cheap brands lose customers to the competition? And how do sales of the premium brand develop when the low-priced brands are reduced? We show you which impacts price reductions on premium and […]

Effective pricing: Price adaptation to the competition

Do you, like many retailers, also see the development of competitor prices as an important reference point for the purposeful setting of your own prices? This strategy of price optimisation, however, presents a huge challenge. If competitors decide upon price increases or reductions, each retailer has to ask themselves whether they will be following this […]