Data quality is not a stepchild

Data quality – the base of success

The unstoppable growth of the online trading also continues in 2013. Experts even expect an expansion of more than 20%. At least since now, enterprises should lay the groundwork for this growth. Here, quality is this moment’s catchphrase.

Within the operational praxis the measuring the quality of issues such as support, sales or distribution is done quite naturally. However, the measurement of the data quality treated stepmotherly (put in second place). By digitizing the commerce huge amounts of data arise. For instance, these include customer -, master -, product -, distributor – or sale data. These data’s quality can be a vital component of the company’s success. Here, the following question occurs: where may arise problems and how can those problems be avoided?

Completeness and validity of the data accruing should be the basic requirements for each of their usages. The outcomes resulting from processing and utilizing the data do always depend on the available data quality. A cleansed data system affords companies sundry advantages and may help with avoiding mistakes and problems. Thus, the amount of data can be reduced by cleansing duplicative datasets. The computational power being increased the data can be filtered and searched more quickly.

Especially in online trading the data’s completeness is an important practical factor concerning the success. Referring to this fact, a high data quality helps with preventing mis-sellings and reducing the number of returns. This follows on customers punishing information missing in article descriptions. Depending on each assortment an entire description contains a list of attributes, specifications of the material, technical data sheets, complete size charts or even pictures or videos of the product. This information support the customer’s trust in the store and help out with avoiding mistakes before they are made. Hence, one’s own data quality takes a huge influence on the number of returns.

Customer’s data is often partly incomplete or defective, what may increase the latency time and the delivery charges. This growth and a delivery delay occur because the incomplete or incorrect addresses head encoded. That problem gets exponentiated by the internationalization of the online trading. Within the EU various address standards are valid causing the requirement of adjusting the data.

The storm of data growing constantly it is important to know the quality of one’s own data. The quality can be detected fast and safely by implementing a data check. That implies different opportunities if improving or completing the databases. Offering a quality analysis and data cleanse Webdata Solutions provides a solution to advance the data. By applying those techniques, duplicated databases can be cleansed – and missing information can be completed via the web. To learn more about our data quality program, contact us. Pay attention to the quality of your data!