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Attend one of our events either in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf or Hamburg.

The topics pricing and market strength in ecommerce are being discussed controversially again. Lots of online merchants wonder if they could do without price fights and downward price spirals. Manufacturers of high-quality branded goods are apprehensive of damaging their brand’s value because of the online business. However, denying the ecommerce would case a massive loss in potential since the marketing via the Internet involves enormous growth chances that can barely be provided by stationary trade.

Online retailers and brand manufacturers that aim to shape the online trade according to their own ideas are offered various opportunities to expand their know-how concerning pricing and brand management this year. Webdata Solutions and Conomic that are the experts on the fields of price and market strategy are going to tour around Germany with the educational event “market predominant”. Revealing ecommerce myths and demonstrating possibilities of the right price and market management is the aim.

First stop: Munich

The first place to be stopped in will be Munich. On March 26 and 27, 2014 Conomic and Webdata Solutions invite to come to the MS Weitblick which is a location with view over the city’s housetops. In order to take the characteristics of the strategies for both online merchants and brand manufacturers into consideration the event will dyadic.

The first day – March 26 – will address online merchants that want to escape the frequently quoted price fight. During the price strategy training you will be informed about the options of price setting and how they are applied in the online sector. Afterwards, all attendees can join Webdata Solutions’ workshop which in they can try and get to know the practical parts of the price setting in different scenarios. Having attended the price strategy training successfully the certificate “Price Strategy Manager” will be made out as evidence.

On the second day, manufacturers can condition their brand to ecommerce. Since the online trade does doubtlessly hold challenges there will be strategies explained that enable to turn these problems into chances. That is about brand management, market awareness and the fitting distribution strategy in the online trade. Here, too, successful attendees will be given the certification “Brand Strategy Manager”.
The courses will be run in German only.

Do you also want to widen your horizon concerning ecommerce pricing and/or market strategy? Register here for the price strategy training or the brand strategy training in Munich.

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Alternatively, reserve your place for one of the approaching venues (Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf or Hamburg) via info@webdata-solutions.com just yet.