blackbee is one of the sponsors of Connected Commerce Days 2015

Connected Commerce – the linkage between offline and online is becoming an evermore important objective in retail. The aim lies in providing the customer with a pleasant and above all seamless purchasing experience.

At the Connected Commerce Days held by BVDW in Jena, the focus is exactly upon this “seamless customer journey”. The core topic at this year’s event is mobile payment, one of the most contemporary of e-commerce subjects altogether – since the University of Ohio has predicted a 154% growth in the mobile payment industry over the next five years.

On the first day of the Connected Commerce Days event on November 3rd, 2015, Alexander Reschke, the CMO at Webdata Solutions, will be participating in the discussion group, “Everything that can be connected – will be connected. Many opportunities – much change” Together with experts from Klarna and HRS, among others, he will be discussing the questions of “How does the subject of ‘connect’ alter the environment in commerce?” and “What does this change mean for portal solutions, search engines and online payment systems?”

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“The ideal online pricing – how to leverage your sales using dynamic pricing strategies”
Alexander Reschke, Connected Commerce Days, November 4th, 2015.

How steep can the decline in your sales volume become when you increase prices by 10%? Alexander Reschke will be posing this and further strategic questions, as well as discussing winning formulas for successful online pricing. He will be illustrating how dynamic pricing strategies lead to lasting success under current competitive conditions in the online market and offer protection from spiralling prices.

If you’d like to know more about blackbee, then meet up with us at the Connected Commerce Days 2015 in Jena. Tickets can be ordered here.