The blackbee connector from datavirtuality – rapid integration for immediate results

The software from Data Virtuality datavirtuality enables a linking together of heterogeneous data from the most varied of internal and external sources, while also providing this data directly to the user for analysis. During this process, a data warehouse is created in which all data is gathered together. One major advantage to the user lies in the ability to work with live data. By this means, NoSQL data, relational data and even information from web services can be harvested and utilised together in combination.

A number of data sources are added to the datavirtuality suite, which are selected by the client and which can be linked together according to interest. Data sources which have not yet been stored, however, can also be incorporated – such as blackbee for example. „A high degree of flexibility and individual expansion is thus possible regarding data sources. In comparison with traditional ETL-based processes, a time and cost saving of at least 60% is to be expected, both in the implementation and maintenance phases“ said Sascha Nagel, Head of Business Development at Data Virtuality GmbH.

Integration of data sources with datavirtuality

Integration of data sources with datavirtuality


ePetWorld already uses the datavirtuality connector for blackbee. But how does it work?

Clients can use the software from Data Virtuality and apply the data from the connector provided by blackbee without even having to directly access the blackbee dashboard. All the data provided is collected together in the data warehouse and can also be utilised in combination with other company data. The precise application options always originate from the provider of the data. In the case of blackbee, this means that the user can compile reports on all price or offer-relevant information relating to the items evaluated by blackbee. Included here are price comparisons of products at the client’s or at other online shops, the tracking of pricing trends for selected items and even the review and matching of range name and product name for an item.

What advantages arise for the client when using the connector from datavirtuality?

The data provided by blackbee is automatically gathered together in the data warehouse and thus available for a joint evaluation alongside other data. The data link also performs very rapidly and reports are automatically compiled. For users who have already implemented the datavirtuality software, the linkage to blackbee can be established in just a few clicks, so that your first evaluations using live data can be performed immediately.

Functionality of datavirtuality

Functionality of datavirtuality

By using a joint evaluation of data, trends related to the development of particular items or goods groups can be recognised. In the next step, the campaign tools from Optivo or MailChimp, for example, can then be adjusted on the basis of this information. Another possibility would be starting Google Adwords campaigns and subsequently evaluating whether a trend has developed or if competing retailers have adapted their prices to your own. The data generated by blackbee can be fundamentally used for all price and product-related processes within a company, such as product analyses, price optimisations, competitor analyses, product range controls and channel monitoring.

Are you interested in the software from Data Virtuality and would like to learn more? Then please contact Sascha Nagel at For questions about blackbee, you can gladly write to us here.