Fight against bee mortality – blackbee adopts a partnership

We feel a connection to bees, but not just by our brand name alone, which is why we wish to contribute to the wellbeing of these busy creatures. We thus decided last December to establish a bee sponsorship to take small steps in helping combat worldwide bee mortality. For every Christmas card sent, we donated two Euros to the charitable organisation of Stadtbienen e.V. for the creation of a new bee colony.

How are our bees faring?

After originally being intended to live at Tempelhofer Feld, they have now found their new home at Treptower Park. They are being looked after there ecologically by a professional beekeeper who regularly checks up on them. This professional supervision is essential, since another bee colony at Tempelhofer Feld has unfortunately fallen victim to voracious wasps.

Our bees have now found their new home at Treptower Park
Our bees have spent the winter inside their hive where they have enjoyed a winter rest rather than a full hibernation. Within a tight cluster, the so-called “winter bees” sit tightly around their queen to keep her warm. They leave their hive only on warmer days when the temperatures are in double digits to already watch out for potential sources of honey.

Beekeeping in the city

Combatting bee mortality – Beekeeping in the city

The city provides bees with ideal living conditions, since they can find flowers the whole summer long and are rarely exposed to harmful pesticides. This is particularly important since pesticides, as well as parasites, have been responsible for the bee mortality being observed by experts for over ten years now.

The significance of bees to our environment and to ourselves is enormous. The growing world population is heavily dependent upon bees, since 80% of agricultural plants are dependent upon pollination by bees and also therefore 35% of our food.

Our bee sponsorship allows for the establishment of a bee colony and actively engages us in the protection of bees. From now on, we will be reporting regularly on our blog about the progress of our colony. We have already been sent the first greeting from the city bees in the form of honey and, of course, even allowed ourselves a little taste.

greeting from the city bees in the form of honey