Header: Mobile Shopping bleibt treibende Kraft im E-Commerce

Mobile shopping remains the driving force in eCommerce

Whether a mobile shopping app or a webshop optimised for mobile devices – ever more online buyers are using a smartphone or tablet when shopping. Mobile shopping has long established itself as a purchasing method over recent years and is rapidly growing ever further. In 2015 alone, the number of mobile purchases in Germany has more than doubled. Mobile shopping, therefore, remains chiefly responsible for the growth in eCommerce. Mobile retail is not only gaining a big share of online sales, but is also influencing purchasing decisions. Mobile commerce is thus becoming a decisive area of business for online retailers.

Often, however, the successful implementation of a mobile online shop is not so easy at all. In everyday life, mobile customers prove to be particularly intolerant towards technical inelegance: On the move, everything has to function quickly, conveniently and free from disruptions. The risk of frustration is high and a rapid switch to competitor offerings becomes likely.

Mobile shopping – How can you achieve success in mobile commerce?

The customer experience in mobile shopping has reached a new level and is a particular challenge to vendors in eCommerce. Intuitively designed shopping apps and webshops, which afford the customer a genuine benefit by way of exclusive functions, transform mobile purchasing into an enjoyable user experience. Online retailers are thus continually adopting new methods with innovative features, such as virtual changing rooms, for example, to advance online shopping using mobile devices and to improve the shopping experience.

 How to become successful in mobile shopping?

Smartphone & Co as a significant marketing and sales channel for retailers

In the fashion industry in particular, mobile shopping has developed into an important cornerstone alongside classic online retail. Clothing and footwear are among the most popular products shopped for from home by smartphone. Mobile fashion shops mostly score highly in terms of design and usability – but online retailers across all sectors can also orientate themselves here. A clear, simple menu structure and navigation through a user-friendly dropdown menu make the mobile shop both straightforward and productive. The integration of easily operable function buttons also play an important role here. Large and highly visible buttons help to avoid inadvertent clicks along the way. The conversion process should also be kept as brief as possible, featuring simple ordering steps, few form fields and one-click functions. Despite this minimalist design, however, all of the important functions of a desktop website must remain intact – above all, the provision of information about products and services cannot be overlooked. A further element towards success in online shopping is the visual component, since the customer cannot feel or smell the product as they can do in a classic retail setting. The visual experience here should not be negatively impacted by the limited screen size of mobile devices.


Utilising responsive design for a digital transformation in retail

Other sectors entirely can also be convincing in matters of user guidance. A good example here has been set by the middle-sized and long-established Rausch, which introduced its new online shop at the end of 2015 and simultaneously withdrew itself from classic retail. Apart from sales at the Rausch chocolate shop in Berlin, the products are now to be available only online. The agency engaged in the implementation, Neofonie, designed an emotional and intuitive concept that allows the online shop to transform itself into a digital theme park, enriched as it is with atmospheric stories. Thanks to the responsive transformation of the website, display and operation are also optimal using tablets or smartphones. They were awarded the German Digital Award 2016 for the unique user experience provided by the shop.

Mobile Shopping: Best Practice online shop Rausch

Awarded: The online shop of the long-established Rausch (Source: Screenshot www.rausch.de)


Online retailers need to position themselves better for mobile buyers

Mobile shopping will become routine in the future. To be successful in mobile retail, vendors should deliberate precisely about how they will communicate with their customers using mobile devices and how to differentiate themselves from competitors. Purchasers often act upon impulse whilst mobile shopping. If the mobile offering is not targeted, then customer satisfaction becomes rapidly impaired. Besides the guarantee of technical requirements, the relevance of the mobile application for users, above all, should always remain in focus. Due to its extended possibilities and enormous potential, mobile commerce in each case offers retailers a major opportunity to further expand successful business activities.


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