Header blackbees´ Bienenpatenschaft: Unsere Bienen schwärmen aus

blackbee’s bee sponsorship: Our bees are swarming out

In December 2015, we decided to establish a bee sponsorship together with Stadtbienen e.V. (City Bees, Reg. Assoc.). The first bee update came in April and we are now wondering how our bees are faring and when we will see the first honey?

Summer has arrived and our bees are doing perfectly

Over recent weeks, our bees, who have received the name Priscilla following a Facebook poll by Stadtbienen, have been largely occupied with rearing their young. To keep the offspring warm, the bees generated a temperature of 35°C within the hive. This has not entirely left honey reserves unaffected. Only a small part of the honey remained present, so our beekeeper gave the bees a food reserve mixed from powdered sugar and honey.
The beginning of spring presents a particularly big challenge to most bees. Our colony, however, has been developing splendidly. The number of blossoms has grown steadily over recent weeks and the first pollen noted.

Our bees are treated with lactic acid in order to reduce the parasite infestation

Our bees are treated with lactic acid in order to reduce the parasite infestation. Source: Stadtbienen e.V.


blackbee’s bee sponsorship: When will the first honey arrive?

Our bee colony has had to move again and now lives in Berlin-Dahlem. Surrounded by fruit trees, hawthorn and the botanical garden only a few meters away, the new location holds in store a rich offering in flowering plants and trees for our bees. The warm weather over recent weeks has caused our bees to swarm and they are now busily collecting nectar for the first honey harvest. This began in July and we are certain that the honey from Priscilla will taste as good as the first golden gift from our city bees did.

Unsere Bienen haben einen neuen Platz in Berlin-Dahlen gefunden. Umgeben von blühenden Pflanzen genießen sie Nektar und Pollen in großen Mengen.

Our bees have found a new home in Berlin-Dahlen. Surrounded by greenery, they enjoy nectar and pollen in large quantities. Source: Stadtbienen e.V.


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