Innovative brand policy: Success factor pop-up store – Part 2

In the first part of our article  “Innovative brand policy: Success factor pop-up store”, we have provided you an initial overview of the pop-up store concept. In today’s article, we will be introducing selected success factors in the innovative concept of experience shopping.

Pop-up store: Essential success factors

Olga Kastner has defined the following prerequisites upon which a pop-up store can successfully establish itself in the market (Kastner, 2014, “Success Factors of Pop-Up Stores”, p.69):


The location serves as the figurehead of the pop-up store and should be chosen with great consideration. Regardless of inner city, shopping centre or studio in a popular suburb – important is that the location fits well with the idea or the product. The surroundings of the store also play an important role in its selection. The market or competition here should be checked out beforehand. Are you capturing a local niche or is your idea or product already covered by other competitors?


Similarly to location, the design of the store should fit with the product marketed. The layout should run as a common theme throughout the store, so that, firstly, the attention of the target group becomes linked to the brand or product and, secondly, this remains lodged positively in the memory of the consumer.

Fringe program

Awaken the interest of your customers by designing the pop-up store as an experience. Use the store as an event setting, offering an interesting and innovative program of art and music. Ideally, the consumer will then visit the pop-up store not just once, but regularly over its entire lifetime.


The time limitation of the store and quantitative scarcity in terms of limited products, as well as product personalisations or short-term discounts, elevate the exclusivity of and affiliation to the store. In this way, a further differentiation from the surroundings takes place and offers the consumer a sustained urge to visit the store during its opening period.

Success evaluation

The pop-up store is an effective market research channel, which contains a high potential for companies even beyond its actual lifespan. For this reason, the most important findings should be recorded and evaluated for future marketing campaigns.


The boundaries between online and offline retail are becoming fluid. New technologies like interactive shop spaces or digital display windows are lastingly changing retail. Retailers thus no longer need to choose between eCommerce and stationary retail, but can instead employ both concepts for product sales. Important is that the consumer is offered an event that affords the product a sensorial perception. A personal and interactive encounter between consumer and company therefore comes to fruition – and it is here, for smaller online retailers especially, that major potential lies hidden. In the future, ‘pure players’ will be unable to offer this shopping experience. Pop-up stores thus keep retail vibrant and will also in the future play an important pioneering role in the fusion of the online and offline worlds.

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