Customer experience: Winning over customers through the shopping experience

In eCommerce, companies are seeking ever newer ways to distinguish their brands and products from other competitors. One key to success in online retail here is customer experience. Why you are assisted in cost and profit optimisation by an accomplished customer experience and how you can achieve a positive customer experience at all will be explained for you in the following blog post.

A unique customer experience offers you advantages over your competitors. It must be understood here what a positive customer experience is comprised of and to subsequently work on continually improving that. It is helpful to compare the experience of your customer with a journey in this instance. The customer journey consists of all the contact points a customer has with your online shop – from the initial visit to the site through to delivery of the goods.

Too many firms are still clinging too rigidly to the principle of a product catalogue at their online shop. But besides a good selection, customers seek one thing above all: To be entertained. Retailers should therefore put their customers centre stage and augment their shop with editorial content, by which they point to new trends, for example, or expand their shop through an in-house magazine etc. Shop system and content management are increasingly merging together. Customers nowadays want to be treated as an individual and to receive all information relevant to them in the process. How successful the customer experience of your shop is will decisively influence whether you or your competitor wins over the customer.

What do customers need to feel comfortable online?

Positive, or even novel and surprising, shopping experiences stand at the centre of successful customer experience Finding the perfect balance between ‘hard’ and ‘soft skills’ is the aim here – the shopping experience of every customer will then be sensed as individual. Whilst the hard skills, on the one hand, take on a significant role similar to a faster charging rate, the alternate soft skills find an importance akin to emotional imagery.

Using these tips, you will provide for a successful customer experience (Source: Self presentation in the style of Internet World, 06/16)

Using these tips, you will provide for a successful customer experience (Source: Self presentation in the style of Internet World, 06/16)

But only the online retailers who know their customers’ preferences well, can also offer them a unique customer experience. Fundamental here is data. Big data offers retailers unprecedented access to information. As long as this is correctly analysed, retailers can gain deep insights into customer behaviour.

A positive customer experience across all online and offline channels

To be able to continually increase sales, optimise profits and reduce costs, you will need to satisfy the demands of the current market. Addressing customers over all sales and communications channels, and thus merging the online and offline worlds, is an essential component here. Whether in-house at your business, over the mobile app or at your online shop – across all channels, your offerings and content must be coordinated to facilitate a consistent customer journey.

All along the customer journey, however, are numerous points of contact (so-called touchpoints) at which customers can come into contact with your company. To model this journey of customers as seamlessly as possible, it is helpful to first systematically record the touchpoints of the various phases with a customer journey map – doing so over the full customer life cycle, across the various channels and then analysing customer needs and emotions, as well as potential problems. Positive and negative experiences can arise at each touchpoint, which can either strengthen or weaken the customer relationship.

Customer experience & Co.: Purchase criteria from customer perspective

Customer experience is an important topic for retailers in eCommerce for elevating themselves above other competitors. For smaller online retailers, in particular, it offers the chance of asserting themselves against the larger ‘top dogs’ in the market. But beside a positive and seamless shopping experience, the services offered and a differentiated product offering, price in particular is an important purchase criterion for many customers because of high price transparency and the comparability of products. Price optimisation is therefore a further option in assuring the competitive capacity of your online shop. Because of the sheer limitless quantities of items on the Internet, it is not easy at all to maintain an overview of the huge quantities of data. Software solutions in price observation, such as the blackbee Retail Intelligence Suite, facilitate a sensible pricing strategy, whereby markets and competitors are extensively analysed and trends made apparent.

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