eCommerce Trends 2017: Market and price transparency remain essential

The year 2017 will provide for no groundbreaking innovations in eCommerce. Instead, developments and trends will consolidate themselves in company organisation – but above all, a comprehensive market and price transparency will play an essential role. Now as ever, it will be important to react rapidly and flexibly to market changes, according to Lutz Röllig, CEO at Webdata Solutions. In the following article we present our top trends in eCommerce for the coming year.

With market and price transparency, online retailers can react dynamically to the market

Market participants in eCommerce and particularly online retailers have to react dynamically to the market to remain competitive. To this end, they need to precisely observe and analyse the market.  The enormous data volumes on the Internet, however, can hardly still be managed manually. A reliable market and price transparency has become too complex to achieve by hand. To recognise potentials for turnover and margin increases, and also to achieve the essential agility, retailers are reliant upon automated tools for market monitoring, such as the blackbee Business Intelligence software. Without these, retailers would be casting away potential competitive advantages.

Machine learning facilitates client-specific offers

Customers want to be approached individually. And they wish to be so in the most varied of situations and the most varied of locations. In the course of mobile commerce and wearables marketing, tailored information and locational services for the customer are playing an increasingly more important role. To generate customer-specific offers from big data, machine learning provides the solution. This enables devices to automatically collect, save and to analyse data.

Inventive variants of the virtual promotion then lead customers playfully towards the product

Virtual commerce offers the customer increasingly diverse opportunities for testing products out on the PC or smartphone. Individual variants of the original trials are soon developed here, which then lure users playfully towards the product. The possibilities are numerous, since in virtual commerce reality and the virtual world merge together. New forms of product presentation will gain in significance in eCommerce during 2017.

Summary: Digital strategies are supported by an active price management

Companies can use 2017, above all, for establishing and strengthening their digital strategies. Proven trends from recent years, such as dynamic pricing, mobile and omnichannel commerce, are now to be successfully implemented. The market changes rapidly – and with it the prices. An active price management is essential here and will only be attained through a clear market and price transparency. Equally important here are not only an optimal customer service, but also an emotional customer journey. In this way, online retailers will also be trading successfully in the New Year.
Our eCommerce trends for 2017 first appeared in e-commerce magazin.

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