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Significant growth in eCommerce – bevh predicts a successful outlook

The trend in online retail continues, with 2016 turnover in the sector rising by 12.5 percent to 52.7 billion Euro. This was announced by the Federal Association of Ecommerce and Mail Order (bevh) at the presentation of their annual research results “Interactive Retail in Germany”.

Together with the mail order business, the gross turnover of interactive retail grew to 72.4 billion and now corresponds to almost 13 percent of the total retail volume. This means that every eighth Euro is no longer spent in stationary retail, but in the online or mail-order business. In this sense, eCommerce is proving to be a clear growth driver compared to the mail-order business.

Stable sales increases in online retail

The clothing, electronics, footwear and furniture sectors in particular showed a stable trend in sales increases again in 2016 and are still the most popular commodity groups on the Internet. The service sector has grown enormously, with travel and flight or concert tickets rising significantly higher in sales volume by a plus of 17.8 percent. Sales in the online foodstuffs sector rose even more strongly. This sector, which has so far been weaker in sales, showed a growth of 26.7 percent.

In addition, all online shops have been able to register growth. The most important sales channels are still the online marketplaces, but multi-channel retailers are also among the winners with an increase of 19 percent.

“Now as ever, the online marketplaces (OMP) such as Ebay or Amazon are the outright leaders. With an increase of ca. 1.78 billion compared to the previous year – a growth of 7.1 percent – the OMP generated sales of ca. 26.7 billion Euro. This is over half of the total turnover in eCommerce in 2016”.Christoph Wenk-Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of bevh.

With the combination of consulting, selection and service, online retail is becoming an increasingly efficient regional supplier due to its availability independent of location. Branches of the successful online retailers can be found in all parts of Germany and these represent an important employer.

In addition, at least 80 percent of people surveyed in the study order at least once a month in an online shop – and frequently more often. Men in particular are increasingly generating strong growth rates and catching up.

Growth in eCommerce will continue in the coming years and decades

On the basis of the positive business figures over the past year, bevh is looking confidently into the future. For 2017, the association again expects a double-digit increase, this time of 11 percent. Furthermore, the association formulates in its ‘E-Commerce Agenda 2017’ clear expectations and requirements for the election year. To continue to positively support developments in the sector, a clear framework is needed that clearly and comprehensibly establishes legal regulations and requirements.

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