Aufbruch Daten: Wie blackbee das Leben der Onlinehändler vereinfacht

New era data: How blackbee simplifies the lives of online retailers

Thank you very much Google! The US online and Internet concern has mentioned blackbee in its supplement, “New Era Data – How Information Simplifies Life”, as one of the data analysis startups that makes life easier.  In its overview, Google describes our Business Intelligence Suite for online retailers as follows:

“Many startups are embracing data analysis and developing applications that make life easier for us. The market analysis software from Webdata Solutions in Leipzig collects data on product prices and customer ratings in online shops around the world and then processes this. Online retailers and brand manufacturers derive from these results which products are particularly in demand and which prices can be realised.”

The booklet was inserted in various German daily newspapers, including Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FOCUS and Stern.

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