The Startup Safary goes to the next round – and we are involved!

Leipzig is booming – especially from an economic viewpoint. Numerous young companies with innovative ideas and clear objectives are pursuing their paths to independence. As a participant of the Startup Safary, you will have the opportunity to discover Leipzig’s founder scene from Thursday, May 11th to Friday, May 12th.

You will be offered a diverse program consisting of networking events, workshops and presentations by founding experts. Topics such as funding opportunities, stumbling blocks and brand establishment will be discussed. Also, the startups office tours will be running throughout the whole city. A start will be made to both Thursday and Friday with a communal breakfast for kick off.

Meet the blackbees at the Leipzig Startup Safary

With us, you as a participant in the Startup Safary will be able to meet our founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke, including her team, and to learn everything about our blackbee technology.

For further information about the program, registration and tickets, please visit: https://leipzig.startupsafary.com

Become part of the Leipzig startup ecosystem

The Startup Safary was conceived as a two-day event for the founder scene with the aim of bringing together founders, companies, investors and incubators, as well as experts, and stimulating interaction amongst them. At various locations in the city, participants can gain insights into the startup landscape, establish contacts or be inspired by the creative ideas conjured up by others.


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