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My internship at Webdata Solutions

My name is Oliver and I am 17 years old. As part of the eleventh grade I am performing a one-year internship at Webdata Solutions GmbH. In this article, I will familiarise you with my typical working week at the company. Also, I will present my tasks in administration and marketing, so stay tuned.

My internship at Webdata Solutions

Hi, my name is Oliver.

My workday

My working week begins, like every day, on Monday morning at eight o’clock. First, I check my e-mails to see if there is blackbee news or new projects waiting for me. If I have not received any tasks by email, I simply ask my supervisors. There is always something to do around here.

My tasks in administration

In administration I am occupied as a bookkeeper and a “minor management assistant”. In accounting, I book the invoices of various customers and partners. Also, I whip folders into shape and copy or shred documents. I also support my colleagues during inventory. As a “minor management assistant”, I work on the employee’s organisation chart and update it regularly. Either with my colleague from the admin team or even alone I prepare our blackbee Monday cake. I don’t have to make the coffee, because everyone here does it for themselves ;).

I am also involved in marketing

With our Business Intelligence Suite blackbee, we visit trade fairs throughout Germany. In doing so, I support my colleagues in the marketing team with organising the trip, packing the trade fair equipment, creating giveaway bags and helping with the follow-up and evaluation of our trade fair appearances. But I’m not just involved in event marketing. I have also gained some initial insights into event marketing. This includes research on blog topics, the writing of short messages, and finally the distribution over our social networks.

What else happens at Webdata Solutions?

Every Monday, all blackbees meet for Monday cake, during which we discuss together the most important points of the last and the current week. On Tuesdays, our blackbee training run takes place, in which we not only keep fit, but also escape the workplace for fresh air. Every last Friday of the month we meet for our blackbees‘ Friday. At this event, a pre-selected and rotating team submits either a specific topic or a special project. In a relaxed atmosphere, we end the afternoon with pizza and lemonade – which personally is a lot of fun for me :). And so a cheerful and exciting week at Webdata Solutions comes to an end and a new one begins.

How do I like the internship?

I have to confess, I was very nervous and agitated at the interview. But that did change quickly. As soon as my boss came in, I knew I would like it here and that still remains the case. We were soon talking informally and that made it much easier for me to introduce myself. My colleagues also immediately welcomed me as a new team member. The communication together, the friendly working environment, the relaxed atmosphere, the support and how knowledge is conveyed here is unique to me. I would therefore recommend anyone interested in a job to visit Webdata Solutions.


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