blackbee’s founder and CTO Hanna Köpcke in interview

Our data analyst Sandra Engelhardt in interview

What do the faces behind the blackbee price observation software look like? In our blog, we will now be introducing our colleagues: blackbee founder and CIO Sabine Maßmann made the start and now data analyst Sandra Engelhardt faces our questions. She tells us how she maintains the consistently high data quality of our customers, how she continues to think ahead about the blackbee price monitoring and price management software with her colleagues, and what the appeal is of dealing with big data.

What does your workday look like?

Every day there are different but interesting tasks, I don’t have a work routine in the classical sense. I also like it that way. Today, for example, I checked through the results of a matching process. This is always the last step in our matching process. With this final check, we ensure a high data quality.

Do you have a favourite task as a data analyst?

As mentioned, I find the diversity appealing. My favorite task is the data maintenance for one of our VIP clients. It is also sometimes about developing new strategies for how we validate the data as accurately as possible. Here, we have to think laterally and find new approaches – and I find that fun.

In addition, my department and I are working closely with our matchmaking experts. We meet once a week to see how we can improve our system. This all works very well, but there are also new potentials. blackbee uses attribute matching (The items from online shops are compared and matched with those of online retailers by means of attributes – Editor’s Note). We also had ideas of using design matching. So you can say that we are constantly thinking about our system. And this is where a lot of opportunities exist for us employees to co-design.

Our data analyst Sandra Engelhardt in interview

Lateral thinking, seeking new approaches, implementing ideas – Our data analyst Sandra Engelhardt looks after a major customer for whom she and her colleagues are constantly developing blackbee. Why is it fun for her and why big data results can always surprise us, she explains to us in the interview.

Do you see many possibilities in big data matching and in big data itself?

Yes, I think it’s great that you never know exactly what’s going to happen in a big data project. Of course you have assumptions, but these don’t have to be confirmed. The results can actually be completely surprising. I think it’s great that you can gain a precise insight from this result and then work with it.

Did you know earlier that you would be dealing with big data?

Well, I did study maths, so that was evident to me (laughs). I wanted to do something tangible with data. As I’ve said, big data matching leads to results from data that can be usable. Our customers need this data to develop their pricing strategies.

What did you do exactly before starting at blackbee?

I worked on a research project for two years, also in the area of big data. It was about a physical procedure, for which I examined bacteria in water. After the project was finished, I wanted to stay in Leipzig and was interested in eCommerce. Then I came upon blackbee and met Sabine and Hanna at the job interview. The conversation was technically interesting and I found both of them nice.

What do you think about how blackbee will develop in the next five years?

That’s hard to say. A year in Internet is not really a year, since much happens in a scarily short time. But I think that the right course has been set to create for ourselves a strong market position. I also find the exchange between colleagues at blackbee excellent. We always know what the others have on their plates and this is invaluable to know.

What was the last thing that made you laugh at work?

A colleague accidentally sent little hearts to all of us during our last conversation on our messenger.  Situation comedy.

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