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Expert status: How to sell your high-value products

Online customers are prepared to strike quickly on cheap items. Starting from a unit price of 100 euros for a product, however, impulse purchases are virtually impossible. A survey conducted by the auditor Deloitte found that 63 percent of German and English customers informed themselves about the article across several channels before buying a high-value product. Before customers decide, they compare different offers online and in stationary retail – and in case of doubt buy from the stationary provider they happen to trust. It is recommended for suppliers of high-value niche articles here to run a shop online. With the right shop design, information management and comprehensive guarantees, retailers can build up trust with the customer. Additionally, customers with special interests can order exclusive, high-value products in a niche shop, which they can not find in their stationary outlets. The more valuable the articles offered, the more important it is to leave a reputable and trustworthy impression upon the customer. We show you how you can achieve that.

Pictures arouse emotions, texts stimulate the mind

Customers want to see what they order – especially before they buy expensive products. Place attractive images of your products throughout the online store and tell a story with them. Taking an example of a niche shop with a retailer offering premium grills online. Grills promise not only a delicious meal, but also the gathering of friends and family in sunny weather. Grills promise a pleasant occasion. It is exactly this emotion that your pictures should awaken in visitors to the online shop.

Provide the customer with detailed visual and textual information. Photograph the product from different perspectives and point out the specifics of the article. Focus on high quality images so customers can zoom in on the product. Underline the special features of your offer with texts. It is not a question of listing all the product data here, but simply and intelligibly depicting the uniqueness of the item. You have addressed the intuitive awareness of the customer with images, now you have to convince them with facts. With caringly designed photos and product information, you position yourself as an expert who stands behind the products they offer.

Expert status: How to sell your high-value products

On behalf of eBay, Deloitte established in a survey how much money German buyers invest in which product categories and which channels they prefer to use for this. Particularly noticeable: Apart from electronic devices, German online shoppers order on average below a goods value of 100 euros. Online buyers also indicated that they ordered special articles on the Internet, because they were not available in stationary retail. Right here, we can spot a great opportunity for niche retailers offering high-value products to position themselves strongly online. Source: Deloitte Omnichannel Consumer survey

Build up your expert status

Positioning as an expert should not be limited to just product information. You can also provide your online shop visitors with valuable tips and tricks. Staying with the example of the premium grill provider: He can benefit from blog posts, newsletters and tutorial videos, especially in summer time. Suitable content would be a video about proper cleaning of the grill, an e-book with delicious grill recipes or purchase recommendations for suitable accessories. Our grill vendor thus gives the customer the feeling that they receive valuable knowledge without paying a cent. This creates trust and increases the likelihood that the customer will order their next high-quality product in this shop. You can use this technique especially in online shops with special offerings.

Furthermore, you should place references on your website that identify you as a professional vendor. Prove yourself reputable by including seals such as TÜV or the “Trusted e-shop guarantee”, give customers the opportunity to evaluate products and make your customer service visible.

Give customers the best guarantee

If the item does not correspond to customer wishes, this is annoying to them – especially for high-value products. For this reason, the buyer should be able to rely on a speedy, uncomplicated reimbursement. Our tip: You cannot advertise with the statutory return period of 14 days because this is already fixed. However, you could offer a prolonged return period – such as 21 days. Make the ordering process as transparent as possible to the customer: Communicate the delivery date and offer them the opportunity to track the shipment. You thus afford the customer increased security here.

When running a shop with a range of high-value products, the most important thing to attain is a reputation as an expert. A commitment to the customer is achieved through providing valuable knowledge and attention to product presentation. With appropriate guarantees you generate trust. At best, you will be the first shop the customer thinks of when they need a special article. This expert reputation offers you an advantage in price setting: The customer is less likely to search the Internet for the best prices, but in the best scenario buy directly from you because he now trusts you. However, clever pricing for establishment as an expert is part of this: Keep track of competitors with help from the blackbee Business Intelligence software and find the best price for your high-value products. Use our eCommerce software to develop a long-term pricing strategy and successfully implement it.

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