blackbee-Gründerin Dr. Hanna Köpcke wird Teil vom IDG-Expertennetzwerk

blackbee founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke becomes an IDG expert

“Progress is based on the exchange of knowledge”, said Albert Einstein. It is according to this motto that our founder and CTO Dr. Hanna Köpcke has joined up with the IDG Expert Network and will be writing future articles for the specialist sector. The International Data Group (IDG) is a specialist IT publisher which produces the trade journal “Computerwoche”. The publisher is expanding its collaboration with experts who, as authors, share their knowledge passionately and with professional competence. Dr. Hanna Köpcke will now be supporting the editorial team.

The first specialist articles have paved the way

Dr. Hanna Köpcke is a distinguished expert in object matching, machine learning and data mining. With initial specialist articles in renowned online media such as Big Data Insider or the blog of Developer Week, she has proven to be a professional who likes to share her knowledge. At the international level, she has already published specialist articles in, among others, the magazine “IEEE Internet Computing” and the journal “Data & Knowledge Engineering”.

blackbee founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke is part of the IDG Expert Network and will now be writing articles for "Computerwoche":

blackbee founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke is part of the IDG Expert Network and will now be writing articles for “Computerwoche”.

In 2012, Dr. Hanna Köpcke, together with Sabine Maßmann and Carina Röllig, founded Webdata Solutions GmbH, together with its unique blackbee technology. With this Business Intelligence software an almost perfect comparison of data from the Internet is possible. This helps online retailers and manufacturers enormously in price management. The basis for this technology was created by the founders in a research project at the University of Leipzig, which started in 2006. Dr. Hanna Köpcke qualified in 2014 in the subject of object matching.

Through the IDG Expert Network, the authors reach a broad and interested readership

Computerwoche has been working together for years with the IDG Expert Network. Specialists and management from various sectors of the IT industry exchange information about their areas of expertise and provide each other with suggestions for their daily work The articles written by the experts enjoy a broad readership, with Computerwoche being the leading, German-speaking weekly magazine in the field of information technology. The articles published there also spread out to sister websites such as, and

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