Haustierbedarf im deutschen E-Commerce

Market analysis: Pet supplies in German eCommerce

Pets inhabit 44 percent of all German households, making a total of around 32 million animals, which must constantly be supplied. For this reason, many animal lovers acquire their pet supplies via the Internet. In 2016, the online retail of pet supplies in Germany alone resulted in a sales volume of 510 million euros. These figures are taken from a representative survey by the Pet Supplies Industry Association (IVH) and the Central Association of Specialist Zoological Companies (ZZF). In the following, we will analyse for you the online market for pet supplies in Germany.

High potential for online retail in pet supplies

Pet supplies in German eCommerce is gaining increased attraction. The market is booming and there are always new suppliers appearing. In this area, a Statista evaluation from 2016 shows that the online trade in pet supplies has firmly established itself in recent years. At the same time, the annual sales volume in eCommerce has risen steadily.

The established vendors of pet supplies in German eCommerce

Among the best-known and strongest-selling online providers of pet supplies in Germany are Fressnapf and Zooplus.
A study by the Institute of Retail Research (IFH) in Cologne has investigated the best online shops from a customer viewpoint and also those gaining the highest customer loyalty. More than 8,000 customers were surveyed here and a total of 79 online shops evaluated. Besides an evaluation of the product range and the prices, other factors such as customer service, payment and delivery also played an important role. The result was that the online retailer Zooplus came out number one for pet supplies in German eCommerce. As a purely online company, the market leader in eCommerce provides over 8,000 products for pets. Be it a dog, cat, miniature animal, ornamental fish, bird or horse – with their comprehensive assortment there is something here for every pet.

Online providers of pet supplies: Don’t underestimate the smaller ones

New online vendors are constantly springing up, which are not to be underestimated.
Have you heard of Terra Canis? If not, that will now quickly change. This company, which has been selling high-quality animal feed to specialist retailers and over the Internet for about twelve years, was taken over in early 2017 by the foodstuffs group Nestlé. In the previous year Terra Canis was already generating a turnover of 17 million euros, which, according to their own data, is set to rise to 20 million this year.

The competition in eCommerce always in sight

The online offering in pet supplies is broad and new competitors are constantly entering the market. As a result, numerous providers are fighting for the same target group in this marketplace: Pet owners and animal lovers.
To be successful in the market amidst the wide variety of suppliers, you have to stand out from your competitors. For this reason, you should keep an eye on prices and product lines on the market.

The fact that systematic price monitoring on the Internet is indispensable to retailers can be witnessed in our blog entry “Price monitoring on the Internet – Online prices always in view”.
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