Digital Female Leader Award 2017: blackbee founder among the finalists

For the second time now, the Woman in Digital initiative will be awarding the Digital Female Leader Award to distinguished career women in business, politics and society. It honours personalities who sustainably promote digitisation and thus make a valuable contribution to digital development.
The award reflects both the stories as well as the professional career advancement of women in the digital economy. Applications were possible in eight categories, including Lifestyle, IT/Tech, Science and Political. Three final nominees were then chosen from each category.

The good news for blackbee is that one of those nominated is our founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke. Among other things, this expert has developed the big data matching process with which blackbee works today. Currently she is among the three finalists in the IT/Tech category for the Digital Female Leader Award.

Why is Dr. Hanna Köpcke a Digital Female Leader?

Very simply, it was early on that she discovered her passion for IT. After studying Computer Science at Dortmund University, she deepened her expertise as a research associate at the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Later, she led the “Object Matching” working group at the WDI-Lab of the University of Leipzig, where the idea for our innovative solution blackbee was born. This specialist in object matching and data mining is also characterised by a high level of commitment. She is an active member of the Computer Science Society and is involved in the GMA Technical Committee for Computational Intelligence. As a member of the Steering Committee for the “Learning Systems” platform of BMBF, she is pursuing with other members the goal of establishing new future technologies and sustainably strengthening the economy.

The Award Ceremony of the Digital Female Leader Award will take place on December 1st, 2017 at Microsoft in Berlin. We are crossing our fingers for all the nominees – especially for our founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke!

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Image source header: Women in Digital