blackbee Tech Talk

Successful start to the new event series “blackbee Tech Talk”

In the age of big data and Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make their complex data volumes economically useful. People, machines and IT systems are intelligently linked along the entire value chain, the work organisation of employees is changing, and BI solutions and systems are entering the market.
This technological progress and an increasing digitisation bring with it some changes. And this is exactly where the blackbee Tech Talk comes in. As a new Leipzig networking event, it brings together experts, professionals, graduates and students to discuss current topics in the field of technology and also to exchange ideas.

This event series started with the blackbee Tech Talk of 18th January, 2018 on the topic “Big data in practical use”. Interested parties from a wide range of industries and from a variety of professional backgrounds came to our Leipzig offices to find out about the latest developments in the field of data analysis and visualisation.
In addition, our two experts gave in their lectures exclusive insights into working with big data.

The launch was made by Webdata Solutions founder and big data specialist Dr. Hanna Köpcke. As part of her talk entitled “Big data in eCommerce – Challenges in online market analysis”, she presented an entertaining and practical demonstration of the problems and solutions that go along with securing and optimising product data in eCommerce.

Dr. Hanna Köpcke at the blackbee Tech Talk

Our founder Dr. Hanna Köpcke held her address on “Big data in eCommerce – Challenges in online market analysis”. (Source: Webdata Solutions GmbH)

The second lecture was delivered by Dr. Eric Peukert, who heads the Service Center for Big Data at the University of Leipzig, as part of the national Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions Dresden/Leipzig (ScaDs). He talked about scalable graph-based data integration and analysis. In his address, he introduced the graph analysis framework Gradoop, developed in Leipzig, which makes it possible to model conventional and complex ETL and analysis pipelines into graphs by a small number of operators.

Dr. Eric Peukert at the blackbee Tech Talk

Dr. Eric Peukert introduced the Leipzig-developed graph analysis framework Gradoop. (Source: Webdata Solutions GmbH)

The next blackbee Tech Talk will take place in mid-April

Due to the positive feedback and the very lively exchange of experiences following the lectures, we have decided to offer the blackbee Tech Talk once every quarter with immediate effect.The next event is planned for mid-April.

We had a great evening of interesting discussions! We would like to thank all the guests who found their way to us despite Storm Frederike and also our two presenters.

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