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How the online retailer can increase turnover at Easter

The Christmas season is the number one sales driver for retail both, stationary and online, year after yearOften underestimated, however, is the Easter trade, which is wrongly so! Here, too, many retailers can register a significant increase in sales. A majority of Germans use Easter to treat friends and families, whilst more and more often, other, non-edible items, in addition to chocolate rabbits and Easter eggs, also find their way into the nest.

With the right preparation and the appropriate measures, you too can unlock the full potential of Easter. We show you how.

Besides sweets, toys, in particular, are landing in the Easter basket

For the confectionery industry, the days approaching Easter are among the most important of the year. According to the market research firm nielsen, the Germans in 2016 invested around 447 million euros in Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs and other seasonal Easter items. By comparison, they spent around 460 million euros here in 2015.

But now toys have become among the most gifted goods at Easter. A YouGov study shows that 13 percent of Germans gift board games or toys at Easter. Behind these are books (10 percent), closely followed by clothing and shoes (9 percent).

According to the German Association of Toy Industries (DVSI), the two weeks before Easter are particularly decisive. According to findings from the market research institute npdgroup in Nuremberg, sales in this period have for years been reaching a stable figure of 5 percent of the annual turnover, or, expressed in numbers, around 150 million euros.

“As temperatures rise and the days get longer, families are driven out into the open air. That’s where toys come in handy as presents for Easter”, says DVSI managing director Ulrich Brobeil.

The DIY scene is also evident at Easter. More and more Germans are giving away homemade items for the occasion. According to a Tomorrow Focus Media poll from 2013, Easter is right behind Christmas (78.2 percent) for 74.4 percent of the 550 respondents as the most popular occasion to gift homemade products.

The planned budget is rarely broken

As far as the value of Easter presents is concerned, this stands between 5 and 15 euros for 18 percent of donors. One-fifth of the spending is between 15 and 25 euros and 34 percent of donors indicate the value of Easter presents at between 25 and 100 eurosThe Germans thus rarely break their budget for Easter. Only among gifts exceeding 100 euros in value do things look different. Here, eight percent of those surveyed plan on spending between 100 and 200 euros, but ultimately ten percent end up spending as much. Three percent of Germans expect to spend more than 200 euros, but this figure is actually spent by four percent.
Some 71 percent of respondents also say that they enjoy planning their purchases. In contrast, only 42 percent tend toward impulse purchases. For retailers and manufacturers, this means that those who hesitate for too long to launch their products and their message on the market run the risk of missing a valuable part of the Easter trade.

 At the same time, 67 percent of those who originally did not plan to make gifts eventually did spend money on Easter gifts. Gifts in the range of 5 to 15 euros (29 percent) and 15 to 25 euros (27 percent) are the most popular in this group. One quarter even gives away unplanned gifts valued from 12 to under 100 euros. A big chance for retail there! Here again, it is important to address the relevant audience in a timely manner.

Place your products and state your message in good time!

The Easter holidays can be an additional source of income in eCommerce for retailers and manufacturers. As the previous figures show, however, potential buyers must be approached in good time and also with suitable offers.
In 2015, the Retail Association asked online retailers about their measures for Easter. It was clear that many are not yet fully exploiting the potential of this holiday periodOnly 18 percent of the 100 retailers surveyed said they were planning special Easter campaigns. Of these, 42 percent favoured discount promotions, 21 percent an Easter shop design, 19 percent wanting to run suitable ads and 14 percent offering Easter products for sale.
If you, the online retailer or manufacturer, also want to benefit from the Easter period, then you should be guided by these campaigns. We provide here some practical examples that may be worthwhile to you at Easter.

Discounts and coupons

With coupon codes, you offer your customers the opportunity to buy at a reduced price and thus potentially prevail over your competitors. Regardless whether you bring attention of the offer to regular customers by an exclusive newsletter, or offer it to all visitors to your webshop through a banner or pop-up – everyone likes discounts and they are a great way to increase your sales. Delight your customers also with gift sets – putting together products that cost less bundled than they do individually. The customer is not only presented with a gift idea here, but can also be persuaded by the discount.

Games and campaigns

Particularly popular are Easter calendars and the classic egg hunt. The former also works very well as a countdown. In this way, you score points with existing customers or potential new customers every day by using special prizes or competitions. In the egg hunt, however, the shop visitor will be directly addressed. Just hide a few Easter eggs on your website and all the customers who find these eggs will then receive a small gift. On the one hand, this pleases the consumer who wins something, and, on the other, you can guide them through your entire shop, which in turn increases the chance of a larger shopping cart.

Packaging and delivery

Particularly for spontaneous buyers, but also for the “wrapping-averse”, Easter gift packaging can be a nice extra. This will set you apart from the competition and also makes your customers happy. Additionally, the packaging, together with the website, is your central communication channel. It can help to identify with the brand and also increase brand loyalty.
Also keep in mind a timely delivery before the holidays! It is best to inquire until when your packages have to be lodged with your shipping service and then strictly communicate the delivery times to your customers!

Website and advertising

Would you like to offer your customers special promotions at Easter and fully exploit their sales potential? Then this should absolutely be visible at your shop! Appropriate texts and images will attune visitors to the holiday period and encourage their buying mood. Price the fitting products as Easter gifts, refer to discounts with banners, or draw attention to Easter directly in the navigation itself. Afterwards, you should also adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. And last but not least, don’t forget the monitoring! Only after the goal achievement has been analysed can your campaigns for the coming year be optimised.

Market and price monitoring

To be able to optimally position yourself in the Easter trade, you should constantly keep an eye on the prices of your competitors. Many online retailers use automated software solutions for precise market analysis and a faster adjustment of their own prices to the competitors’.
Our Retail Intelligence Suite blackbee shows you on a daily basis how competitive your online prices really are. This is how you can also be prepared for the upcoming holidays in online retail and thus have the chance of luring customers through attractive price setting.

In blackbee, we offer you a customised tool for price monitoring. Test it now and profit from the advantages of an automated software solution.