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Carina Röllig is a role model entrepreneur of “enterprising WOMEN”

Only one in three German companies is run by a woman. In 2018, one in four start-ups had a woman in the founding team; the figure in technology start-ups is even lower. It is precisely because of this extremely small number of female managers that it is important that girls and women are encouraged to pursue this career path. Our three founders are proving that it’s worth it! That is why blackbee entrepreneur and managing director Carina Röllig is committed to the initiative “enterprising WOMEN“, in order to encourage women to become self-employed and to inspire girls to become entrepreneurs.

What is “enterprising WOMEN”?

Enterprising WOMEN is an initiative of the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy). It was founded in 2014 to give girls and women of all ages some ideas about self-employment. At events organised by enterprising WOMEN, interested parties can meet “role model entrepreneurs” from various regions of Germany and different industries. These role models talk about their experiences with business start-ups; the opportunities and requirements that come with self-employment; and their personal impressions of everyday working life. Currently, more than 100 female entrepreneurs support the initiative. Among them are entrepreneurs and women who have taken over existing companies.

The tech industry needs strong women!

When the market analysis platform blackbee of the entrepreneurs Dr. Hanna Köpcke, Sabine Maßmann and Carina Röllig was launched in 2012, entrepreneurial women in the tech industry were an absolute rarity. Because of this, Carina Röllig is very keen to promote the visibility of female entrepreneurs in her industry. At the same time, she hopes that her commitment will help young girls in particular to overcome their fear of technical and scientific professions and to get them excited about MINT professions. To achieve this, blackbee regularly hosts events such as the blackbee Tech Talk and participates in the annual Girls’ Day.

There are still too few women working in technology companies. Let us change that.

There are still too few women working in technology companies. Let us change that.

Are you thinking of starting your own business as a woman? Have the courage to pursue your goals! Why don’t you talk to Carina Röllig and the other role model entrepreneurs? You can find information about the dates of the initiative enterprising WOMEN here.

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