Header Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser: Behavior Patterns – Teil 2

Trust is good, control is better: behaviour patterns – part 2

Behaviour patterns are a secret weapon that originated in behavioural psychology that make your web shop more attractive and convincing. In part one – “Product selection made easy” – we introduced behaviour patterns to help you make product selection easier for your customers. In the second part we will show you which orientation options you can use to additionally increase the feel-good factor of your web shop.

A study of e-commerce consulting elaboratum shows: The willingness to inform oneself on a website increases by an average of 6.4 percent when using behaviour patterns. The bottom line is that the persuasiveness of behaviour patterns is also clearly noticeable when it comes to buying interest. The conversion rate describes the relationship between an online shop visitor and a customer. The use of behaviour patterns increases the conversion rate by 9.4 percent.

If your customers feel comfortable, this will pay off for you. The following two behaviour patterns will help you to achieve this. This is how you give your customers unconscious orientation points on your web shop:

#1: Authority — distinguish yourself with your expertise!

Even as a child, we learn to respect and trust certain authorities such as police officers, parents or teachers. Dr. Philipp Spreer describes the principle of the Authority behaviour pattern in his book “PsyConversion”. It is cognitively impossible for the human brain to evaluate all information regarding the trustworthiness of its source. For this reason, we use the principle of authority to draw conclusions that seem likely; for example, if a person in a police uniform asks us about our vehicle papers, we assume that he or she has the authority to do so.

Seals of quality underline your trustworthiness and quality. Source: Digital gefesselt

Seals of quality underline your trustworthiness and quality. Source: Digital gefesselt

In e-commerce, there are two ways to use the Authority behaviour pattern — you can either apply it to your own web shop or use third parties who fulfil an authority function. In variant one, you name your own expert status. In which field are you an authority and are you distinguished by your expertise? What forms the basis of your trustworthiness and quality? The second variant uses the widespread expert status of external persons or organizations. For example, many manufacturers of dental care products advertise with the recommendation of doctors who enjoy a high level of trust in society. For e-commerce, seals of approval are a widely used means of conveying trustworthiness. According to this study, 76 percent of online shoppers are aware of such seals of quality and trust online shops with seals more. Interestingly, the authority of a seal also radiates to other factors; shops with a seal are perceived on average as more serious, friendly and customer-oriented.

#2: Illusion of control — give your customer control

People like to overestimate the control they have over the outcome of completely random situations. At the same time, the feeling of control gives us a direction that enable us to act. An example of this illusion of control from psychological experiments is the behaviour of test subjects in dice games. A dice always generates random numbers from one to six. Nevertheless, the test subjects of the experiment tried to obtain a high number by using stronger dice.

You should also convey this feeling of control to your customers in your web shop. Nothing is worse for your customers than to feel lost while shopping. This is why important information should be available everywhere in your online shop. We recommend that the shopping basket stay visible at all times – for example as a sticky element in the upper part of the page. Other elements of interaction are also important points of orientation. When using filter functions in the web shop, it is crucial that customers receive feedback when they use them. After all, the filter functions are their instructions to your web shop. Make sure that the filters used are placed in a clearly visible position and remain there even when the page is reloaded.

Secure your profit with an optimized online shop

In e-commerce, the effect of behaviour patterns is much more direct than in stationary retail. When shopping online, customers are only seconds away from their purchase, which is why behaviour patterns play a critical trigger role. According to Hermann Simon’s book “Preisheiten”, price is another decisive factor in buying behaviour. Psychologically attractive prices will also trigger your customers to purchase. Don’t forget that perfect pricing is ultimately measured by a sufficient margin. The self-learning blackbee technology supports you in this. blackbee gives you an overview of the market prices of your competitors and shows you the price potential of your articles.

Do you have questions about market analysis and blackbee? Our pricing experts will be happy to help you.