Header Webdata Solutions ist zertifizierter Partner des Software-Giganten Microsoft

Webdata Solutions is a certified partner of the software giant Microsoft

Now it’s official: Since February we are part of the Microsoft Partner Network – a worldwide network of renowned and innovative business solutions. The advantages of the partnership are obvious: in order to fully exploit the potential of blackbee, we are expanding our existing capabilities, offering our blackbee customers even better services and at the same time building a strong network.

We are very excited about our partnership with Microsoft and are really looking forward to working with the world’s largest software company.

About Microsoft Scale Up

Our cooperation with Microsoft began in March 2018 with our participation in Microsoft’s Scale Up Programme. Microsoft Scale Up is aimed at ten “Later Stage Start-ups” that have completed the start-up phase and are in the growth phase. The qualified companies offer technological innovations in various fields, from logistics to Fintech to data analysis. During the programme, with the support of a team of world-renowned experts, the start-ups receive valuable input for their sales and marketing. These cross-sector collaborations also help to establish new contacts between the young companies and Microsoft’s existing partner network. The Scale Up programme ends with the certification as a Microsoft partner.


Would you like more information about our partnership with Microsoft? Feel free to write us a short message.