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Visual Product Matching: Dr. Hanna Köpcke at BIDIB 2019

Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from science and industry met for the third time at the University of Leipzig on 19th and 20th September 2019 for the Big Data in AI and Business Workshop (BIDIB) in order to discuss the current application possibilities of AI in companies. The workshop was organized by ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig. The event gave the Leipzig researchers the opportunity to present scientific results and theoretical AI solutions. At the same time, Dr. Hanna Köpcke, founder and AI expert of Webdata Solutions, as well as other representatives from the business world showed what current practical AI solutions look like in companies.

Visual Product Matching: Dr. Hanna Köpcke

AI expert Dr. Hanna Köpcke from Webdata Solutions

Artificial intelligence: state-of-the-art solutions in the economy

Company representatives’ presentations covered a broad spectrum of the integration of artificial intelligence in the economy. Dr. Steffen Lamparter, the Head of Research Group at Siemens, spoke about the use of AI in the integration of data from the entire group into a digital “knowledge factory”. The presentation by the Polish IT system integrator Hicron, represented by the Head of Delivery, Szymon Wlochowicz, dealt with the application possibilities of predictive marketing in after-sales. The other speakers came from the fields of health management and digital crop cultivation, among others.

Visual product matching – the next level in monitoring the competition

During her lecture Dr. Hanna Köpcke talked about the joint project “VIP – Visual Product Matching” in collaboration with the University of Leipzig. Interested workshop participants learned what progress Webdata Solutions has already made in implementing automated image recognition in product matching.

Through the analysis of product images, it will be possible in the future to also include products in the market analysis for which textual comparison points are not given or not reliable enough. Thus, in addition to text-based matching, the visual component will herald a new era in market analysis.

We thank the organization team for sharing their exciting and inspiring ideas!

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