How to Take Your Online Shop’s Conversion Rate to the Next Level

Since 2010, the conversion rate – the ratio of online shop visitors who also become customers – has remained unchanged at 3 percent. With our tips for conversion optimization, you can achieve a more lucrative conversion rate in your online shop.

Increase the Conversion Rate with an Appealing Landing Page

Before visitors become customers, they want to feel comfortable in your online shop. Step number one to a higher conversion rate is therefore: The first impression counts!

It’s advisable not only to pay attention to the home page of your online shop but also how to direct potential customers to your website. Should they land on the general home page or is it more promising to direct them to a specific product page? You can use your customers’ search terms as a guide. Do they search for general categories or look up certain products? If visitors don’t find what they expect from your shop at first glance, you may lose them.

Specially developed landing pages for individual advertising campaigns enable an even more targeted approach. One way to further increase relevance is to include typical search terms or headlines in the headings of the landing pages.

A Higher Conversion Rate Thanks to Excellent Usability

Even if the initial contact with your potential buyer goes well – the purchase is still several clicks away. Make sure there are as few as possible. Website visitors react sensitively to impractical purchasing processes.

Most mistakes happen during checkout. It’s important to only ask for as much information as is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, your potential customer may stop in the middle of checkout or balk at the request for personal information. Equally crucial to the purchase is whether the potential customer is offered the right payment option – a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated given the various payment service providers! A good example is the online retailer Zalando. During checkout, the necessary questions are divided into small steps so that little input is required for each step. In addition, completion of the purchase is shown as a process to let potential buyers know how many clicks they’re still away from the purchase. The payment options are listed at the beginning of the checkout even though the selection of the payment method doesn’t take place until step 3. This minimizes possible misunderstandings.

Lose Fewer Customers – Proactively Prevent Technical Problems

Don’t underestimate the impact of technical issues on your conversion rate. For example, long loading times in your online shop have been shown to lead to decreased sales. According to a study by the cloud service provider Akamai Technologies from 2017, a delay of 100 milliseconds when loading a website leads to a drop in the conversion rate by 7 percent – a real revenue killer.

Other technical problems that can occur are faulty links or operating problems when using end devices with small screens or touchscreens. Especially when it comes to the mobile optimization of your online shop, it’s important to also consider the usage environment of your potential customers: Generally, the mobile view is accessed on the go. This means you should limit the number of multimedia elements on your mobile website. At the same time, it’s recommended to compress the images you use and adapt them to smaller screens.

The Power of the Subconscious: Psychological Tricks to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

It’s also proven that psychological insights, so-called behavior patterns, can significantly increase the conversion rate. A study by the e-commerce consulting firm elaboratum shows that, on average, the intention to buy increased by 9.4 percent when using behavior patterns.


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Attractive Prices for a Persuasive Online Shop

Ultimately, the decisive argument for a purchase in your online shop remains the price. But here the motto applies: It’s not the cheapest price that wins but the smartest price. You can set an intelligent price by keeping an eye on the market when pricing. The business intelligence software blackbee Insights makes this easy and puts you one step ahead of your competition.


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