Header Carina Röllig auf dem IGF Berlin

Carina Röllig on Stage at the Internet Governance Forum

Under the motto “One World. One Net. One Vision,” The Internet Governance Forum in Berlin took place November 11-20, 2019.

IGF – Internet Governance Forum

The IGF is an open discussion platform of the United Nations on key legal, political, social and technical issues surrounding the Internet. International government representatives, organizations, the business, scientific and technical communities as well as civil society speak about global trends in Internet policy and current legislative proposals. In addition, opportunities, challenges and analyses relating to the Internet are discussed.

Carina Röllig as an Expert on Data-Driven Business Models

Our founder Carina was invited to Berlin as a speaker on the subject “data-driven business models” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Together with moderator Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, Martin Villig founder of Bolt, Dirk Abendroth CTO of Continental, Grégoire Kopp – chief of staff of OVH, Johnny G. Plate – Indonesia’s minister of communication and information, Theresa Swinehart senior advisor of the president for global strategy at ICANN, Leonid Todorov general manager of APTLD, Frank Melzer CTO of Festo AG, Monika Wiederhold chairman of the board of Amadeus Germany GmbH, and Henri Verdier ambassador for digital affairs in France, discussed data-driven business models. The panel discussion brought exciting insights and discoveries about the role of data in promoting the growth and development of Industry 4.0.

Carina Röllig at the IGF panel discussion "Data-driven business models

Carina Röllig at the IGF panel discussion “Data-driven business models.

We thank the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for the invitation and the great opportunity to exchange ideas with an expert audience about data and digitalization.


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