Webdata Solutions ist Partner des führenden Software Unternehmens Alteryx

Webdata Solutions Is a Partner of the Leading Software Company Alteryx

Since December 2019, we have been an official partner of Alteryx, the award-winning US software company for data analysis and data science.

With its end-to-end platform, Alteryx enables business analysts, data scientists and IT staff to flexibly analyze data from multiple sources to derive important business insights.

Overcoming Data Barriers

Alteryx’s alliances include partnerships with emerging tech companies, global consulting firms and large data providers with the goal of achieving the best possible business results. The advantages for the customer are clear: converting the high potential of data into valuable knowledge and thus further increasing the company’s success.

About Alteryx

The company is headquartered in Irvine, California. More than 555 employees worldwide work in regional offices across Silicon Valley, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Prague, Singapore, Sydney and more. Alteryx’s largest customers include Audi, Dell, Vodafone, Hyatt and Unilever.

blackbee is official partner of Alteryx

blackbee is official partner of Alteryx

We look forward to a strong partnership and joint customer projects in 2020.

You want a free Alteryx demo? We are happy to advise you – just contact us.