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blackbee Insights Pricing Report: Price fireworks at the end of 2019

Back in summer of 2019, the Leipzig software manufacturer Webdata Solutions observed the prices of DIY products in eCommerce as part of the blackbee Insights Pricing Report. In the sequel, the question now is: How did prices for tools and more develop in the months October to December? When were most deals for DIY products offered?

Retailers Implement Significantly More Price Changes Than in Summer

In summer, price reductions in the DIY sector were clearly the method of choice to boost eCommerce sales through pricing. This trend continued in fall and winter. During the observed months May to August and October to December 2019, there were consistently more price reductions than increases.

Differences emerge when it comes to the ratio of price reductions to price increases: In summer of 2019, price reductions were applied in a targeted manner, especially at the beginning of the summer season. This strategy weakened as summer progressed. In contrast to summer, no clear trend was discernible in quarters three and four. What stood out in particular: When the total price increases and decreases in a month are compared to the number of retailers, the pricing intensity is significantly higher than in summer. To illustrate – in each fall and winter month, at least three and a half times as many price changes per retailer were observed as in the comparative period.

Fig. 1: Average price changes per retailer during both observed periods in 2019. Source: blackbee Insights

Fig. 1: Average price changes per retailer during both observed periods in 2019. Source: blackbee Insights

The strongest activity was recorded by blackbee Insights in December – no wonder, considering extensive price campaigns such as Cyber Monday (December 2) and the pre-Christmas period. In fact, December experienced six to eight times more price changes than the summer months of 2019.

About the blackbee Insights Pricing Report

The web-based market analysis blackbee Insights by the Leipzig-based software company Webdata Solutions took a closer look at the pricing strategies of the three largest German multichannel home-improvement stores as well as retailers on Google Shopping for an analysis of pricing behavior in German DIY eCommerce. Over the three fall and winter months of October to December 2019, Webdata Solutions observed daily price developments in the categories garden & leisure, hardware, electrical & lighting, flooring and paints & wallpapers.

The approximately 900 top products in these categories were included in the survey to represent the product ranges of the 300 or so retailers for which blackbee Insights evaluated a total of over 830,000 offers during the three-month survey period.

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