What Really Matters to Germans Shopping Online

Whether clothing, electronics or cosmetics – for years now, online shops have been an integral part of the German retail trade. According to Statista, the market penetration rate of eCommerce, that is, the proportion of active, paying eCommerce customers in the total population, was already 81.3 percent in 2019. This means that the majority of Germans shop online.

In the next few years, there will be increasingly less growth in customers who have never shopped online before. For you, that means: Invest time to really get to know the existing customers in German eCommerce!

Germans Are the Fastest Online Shoppers

According to a global study on online shopping behavior by the software company Shopify, Germans make the fastest purchase decisions. On average, it takes them 17.68 minutes to complete a purchase. This puts them well ahead of the French with 18.97 minutes and the British with 19.32 minutes. Americans even need 23.47 minutes to decide on an online purchase!

Germans need remarkably little time to make a purchase online.

Germans need remarkably little time to make a purchase online.

This makes Germans the world champions of fast purchase decisions in online shops. From this, a clear recommendation can be derived for eCommerce retailers in Germany: Support a pleasant shopping experience with a user-friendly and uncomplicated customer experience that quickly leads to a purchase. You can find some tips for perfecting the buying process in your online shop here:

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Things Your Online Customers Care About Most

Germans like to shop online. According to a study by the business consultant PwC, 41 percent of Germans order from online shops once a month, one in three weekly. 8 percent of Germans even do their daily shopping online.

So why do Germans love eCommerce? Delivery terms play a major role, as a study by the software company Manhattan Associates shows. Free shipping is crucial to making an online purchase for 60 percent of those surveyed. In addition, fast delivery is a decisive factor in opting to buy online for 54 percent.

The findings of the PwC study are interesting. According to the study, three out of four respondents are generally willing to pay for shipping costs. Customers are particularly willing to pay extra for eco-friendly delivery. Free deliveries can be an incentive for your customers – but most customers won’t turn away from you if you charge them. Instead, make sure you always guarantee fast delivery to avoid scaring away large segments of customers.

Price and Performance Usually Determine Online Purchases

According to the findings of Manhattan Associates, however, the most important reason for buying from an online shop is the price-performance ratio. A whopping 70 percent of those surveyed choose an online shop on that basis. It’s therefore essential that you actively strive for adaptable pricing. If you don’t react to price trends, you’ll quickly lose a considerable number of customers – especially in Germany, where your customers are fast at completing their purchases.

To do this, you need in-depth insights into price developments in the market. Innovative technologies such as blackbee, which use machine learning to analyze competitive data for you, are here to help. This way, you can ensure an optimal price-performance ratio and secure long-term competitive advantages.

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