Our Developer Customer Projects Jan on Efficiency and Freedom at Work

These are the blackbees! In our interview series, we introduce the employees behind Webdata Solutions. In the previous segment, we spoke to our HR Manager Sabrina about how she motivates herself each day and about her approach to more balance at work. This time, Jan, our Developer Customer Projects, gives insights into his day-to-day work and explains what excites him about his job.

Jan, as a developer, you’re part of the Customer Service team and your department is home to both developers and customer support experts – how does this team constellation come about?

In this way, we offer our customers the best possible support: They have experts from different areas ready to answer the phone. Developers are often thought to be sitting in a basement without contact to the outside world – that’s not the case with us. We developers on the Customer Service team aren’t isolated from the initial setup of customer projects but are part of the process from the beginning. Thanks to our team constellation, we can provide the best possible advice on the one hand and develop close to the customer on the other. This allows us to implement feedback easily and directly.

When you think about an average workday at blackbee: How much is routine and how much do you have to innovate for our customers every day?

Like with any job, there are some tasks you encounter repeatedly. But of course you also have your daily challenges when the internet changes a bit again and you have to react to it. In this respect, our work is volatile, and it’s our job to always stay close to these developments. No two days are ever the same for us.

With such changes in the data, what does your process for reacting to something new look like?

We work closely with the Data Delivery team, which ensures that the data we deliver is of the highest possible quality. As soon as new conditions arise in the data, we adapt the system. In Alteryx, we’ve also found a partner who supports us with precisely these questions. Alteryx is a powerful system we can use to proactively intervene if something is wrong. For example, when delivering data, you always expect the price of a product to be included – if that’s missing, you need an alarm that alerts you. In such cases, Alteryx allows us to respond more efficiently and to set even higher standards.

blackbee Jan Boettcher

As Developer Customer Projects Jan fulfils the individual wishes of our customers.

What’s been your favorite project at blackbee lately?

When setting up projects, we always incorporate customer data feeds. Until recently, integrating these feeds wasn’t standardized in the system yet. So I created an interface that allows us to automatically load these documents into our system. I enjoyed the project because I was able to create a new pathway and add it to our workflow. Among other things, finding new solutions in this way is something really fun about my job.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a developer?

That was during my apprenticeship. I did an apprenticeship as an IT system clerk and had to move to Bavaria due to the economic situation in Leipzig at the time. There I started integrating copiers into networks. Those were my first attempts at working in the digital realm, so to speak. Fortunately, I had a teacher at vocational school who thought HTML development was cool – I built my first HTML with him. I found it fascinating. I then further deepened my interests by studying media and communications technology.

Before joining blackbee, you worked at other, larger companies. What makes working in a startup like blackbee especially attractive for you?

My previous jobs were at companies with mature, larger structures. On the one hand, such structures offer more planning security. On the other hand, you’re much less flexible. That’s what I find cool about the startup nature of blackbee. Flat hierarchies are promoted everywhere, but once a company reaches a certain size, it’s just not feasible anymore. Here at blackbee, we’re not rigidly bound to a construct. Another big advantage for me is that everything here is much more familiar. No one on our team tries to get ahead at the expense of others. This collegial, fair way of interacting with each other is very important to me.

You’d like to be part of our blackbee team in Leipzig? We may be looking for you. Here you can find our current vacancies.