Our Head of Data Delivery Oliver on Future Trends in eCommerce

blackbee is one of the leading solutions for competition and market analysis in eCommerce. Who’s behind this success story? We introduce you to some of our team members on our blog. In the previous segments of our interview series, we spoke to our HR Manager Sabrina and our Developer for Customer Projects Jan. This time Oliver, Head of Data Delivery, answers our questions.

Oliver, what’s behind your job title “Head of Data Delivery”?

As Head of Data Delivery, I ultimately control the “production” of blackbee. That means we on the Data Delivery team are the interface between our technical platform, market data and individual customer requirements. We work to complete deliveries and ensure that the data reaches our customers exactly as we have agreed.

How does data delivery through blackbee work? And how do you guarantee blackbee always delivers high-quality data?

You can imagine it like this: A customer hires us to carry out a market observation tailored to specific needs. We then extract the data according to the individual customer request. So our customers get exactly the data they need for their processes. Quality control is carried out throughout the project. In the first step, the quality of our data deliveries is checked by the Customer Service team as soon as the databases are set up. Our Data Delivery team then continuously checks the quality of the deliveries. This is mostly automated. Sometimes control is still carried out using manual testing methods, but these continue to be replaced by automated processes. This way, we ensure the data quality will be checked even more efficiently in the future.

What changes has eCommerce undergone in recent years? And what effects do these developments have on market analyses?

We’ve clearly seen many new retailers enter eCommerce in recent years. In addition, large providers are relying more on marketplace strategies – they increasingly not only offer their own products, but also enable other retailers to use their own platform for sales and thus act as an intermediary between sellers and online shoppers. These developments have made eCommerce an increasingly competitive market. You constantly have to offer attractive prices in order not to fall behind competitors. This means the need for competition and price monitoring has increased.

For us, market analysis shows that new competitors have entered the market and that online shops are increasingly working against our crawling, with which we collect market data. However, I see us as very well-positioned in both respects: Our technical solution impresses with excellent data quality, and we also supply our customers with real-time data. That means: The price data that we provide was actually found in the desired online shop at the given time. We’re also constantly finding new solutions for the specific challenges that arise in our customer projects.

blackbee Oliver Laurisch

Oliver and his Data Delivery Team ensure blackbee’s excellent data quality.

What are the major trends in eCommerce and market analysis for the coming years?

The development of eCommerce in recent years will continue. We’ll see individual retailers expand their range considerably and get even bigger, meaning there will be a growing number of “super retailers” who are represented in different industries with a wide range of products. On the other hand, we’ll see smaller retailers get squeezed out of the market as they’re no longer able to compete. I’m also convinced that manufacturers will have a say in eCommerce in the future. They should decide now: Do we want to start direct selling or not? Overall, eCommerce retailers will increasingly use comprehensive data sets to optimize their own profits. The focus is shifting on the customer more and more, and personalized offers can only be implemented based on excellent data. In this process of professionalization, blackbee’s market data provides a vital basis.

You’re one of the employees who’s been at blackbee the longest. How have your tasks changed over the years?

I started at blackbee as a technical account manager. That means I initially supervised customer projects and implemented change requests, for example. Then I gained additional responsibilities, first for the deployments and later for automation processes in the DevOps area. Most recently, I came to my current position on the Data Delivery team, where I have overall responsibility.

As Head of Data Delivery, you now have responsibility for personnel matters. How did you grow into this task?

To be honest, I’ve always had the wish to be responsible for my colleagues at some point. I believe that communication is one of my strengths – it’s important to me to advocate for others. This is particularly important when I have the feeling that they themselves aren’t expressing their wishes so clearly. Sticking together as colleagues means a lot to me, and I’m convinced that we can achieve better cooperation as a team that way.

Why did you choose blackbee as an employer back then?

Quite simply: It sounded really exciting (laughs). During my interview, I was blown away by what we do here. You might not notice from the outside, but blackbee doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Everyone is engaged, and we’re breaking new ground together.


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