Header Daten: Das große Zeitalter der Analysten

Data: The Great Age of the Analyst

The careful preparation of data is incredibly time-consuming. Do you, like most analysts, spend 80% of the day preparing data and only 20% delivering results? In the e-book “The Age of the Badass Analyst”, our partner Alteryx shows how you as an data analyst can turn the 80/20 rule upside down to have more time for deep insights into your data.

Most Time Is Lost During Data Preparation

As a data analyst, the knowledge you provide is used to make important decisions. Regardless of the industry you work in, collecting data and compiling results is part of your daily business. Even though the preparation and merging of data is only the first step in the analysis process, it’s important to do this thoroughly in order to obtain valid results.

For this reason, most analysts spend the majority of their time organizing data using manual processes, leaving little time to generate reports. However, manual processes like this are inefficient, inflexible and prone to errors. Even if you use data preparation tools, these traditional methods are usually still too slow.

Data Analyst: Using Different Solutions Is Time-Consuming

In order to get useful answers from the cleaned-up data, you often have to merge several data sources. However, these are usually stored in different formats and often require knowledge of different programming languages such as Python or SQL. Modern, easy-to-use solutions like Alteryx help analysts improve their skills without having to learn codes.

The Alteryx platform uses a visual drag-and-drop user interface. This makes it easier for you to create workflows and merge data from different data sources, including Excel, data warehouses, social media and many more. Visual workflows simplify work processes for everyone, not just for data scientists. This format makes it easy to understand logical paths that ultimately lead to the target result. Within these workflows, you can quickly clean up data, saving you considerable time.

„Without Alteryx, it would take countless hours to manually work with the social data in 90-day increments and manipulate the data within Excel to mimic what the Alteryx workflow export does in seconds.“ Jennifer Jensen, Sr. Analyst McGarry Bowen

Alteryx's ebook "The age of the badass analyst".

Alteryx’s ebook “The age of the badass analyst”. Download now for free! Picture source: Alteryx

Download the e-book “The Age of the Badass Analyst” now and find out how you can unlock the full potential of your data using modern tools.

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