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Personal pricing and retailer trust

Dynamic and individualised pricing are buzzwords becoming more and more frequent in public focus and can be pooled under the umbrella term of smart price setting. Their application holds for shop operators both opportunities and risks. Personalised price setting combines individualised discounts and product recommendations based upon personal data. This creates situations in which different […]

Pricing: These factors influence product prices in online retail

Pricing in online retail: To remain competitive longer term, online retailers need to be rigorously orientated to the market. At the same time, price optimisations online are becoming ever more complex and faster shifting. This means that a well considered price management belongs to the fundamental business strategy of a successful online retailer. But which […]

Market analysis: How do price wars erupt?

In price wars, several competitors react to downward price changes by several markdown rounds that lead to overall lower prices in the marketplace. As has been noted in the past, once consumers have accustomed themselves to frequent promotions (expecting to buy at a low price), they are reluctant to pay the regular price again. This […]