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blackbee Tech Talk: review of a successful evening

The second evening of our event series “blackbee Tech Talk” was also very successful. This time, we invited to our headquarters in Leipzig on May 15, 2018 on the topic “Current Trends in Business Analytics”. Many interested parties visited us – including familiar faces – from a wide range of industries and from a variety of professional backgrounds.  In their lectures, our two experts gave exclusive insights into the topic of Business […]

Optimised price setting with pricing psychology

In the first part of our series on pricing psychology, you have already learned which price design parameters you can use for price setting. Today we will show you which processes customers use to perceive, evaluate and record prices and how you, as an online retailer or manufacturer, can take advantage of these processes. Processes: Which […]

Market analysis Home & Living: The German online furniture market

Last year, Germans spent a total of 22 billion euros on sofas, tables, chairs and the like. Compared to other European countries, Germany is the highest turnover market for furniture manufacturers, closely followed by Italy at 20.9 billion euros. Other European countries (Poland, France, Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands), on the other hand, do not even record […]

Status Quo – Purchasing behaviour of the German people: How does Germany shop online?

This was precisely the question posed by the large online retailer OTTO, which commissioned for this the market research institute Kantar TNS. In a representative study, in which 1,290 individuals aged 18 and over participated, the online shopping behaviour of German consumers was examined taking into account various factors such as gender, age, phase of […]

How to use the findings of pricing psychology for your online shop – Part 1

Only few consumers choose a product according to purely rational criteria. Whether consciously or unconsciously, emotional factors often play an important role. Such emotional effects are triggered, above all, by the price of a product. Neuromarketing,pricing psychologyand behavioural pricinghave been indicating this for some time. As a retailer or manufacturer, you have numerous options for applying […]

Product launches vs. promotional prices – How to increase your company value

The goal of every retailer and manufacturer is to optimise sales, profit margin and company valuein order to secure long-term market success. Manufacturer of branded products may use price promotions to increase sales, margins, and company value, but they may also use new product introductions for achieving these goals. A team of researchers around Koen […]

The price is right: How to create your positive pricing image

Many retailers consider the optimal price setting of their products a major challenge. In doing so, they often give away valuable margin potential while striving for additional profits. In our previous article “Three common mistakes in price optimisation where you will throw away profits” we have shown which mistakes retailers should avoid in price setting. […]

Big data as the key factor in effective pricing

In eCommerce, price plays a decisive role and is the number one decision-making criterion for consumers. Because of simple searching for comparable offers and bargains, it is often mere pennies that determine where consumers will ultimately strike and where they will not. A situation that significantly increases the pressure on retail. Retailers and manufacturers, after […]