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Volkswagen visits Webdata Solutions

Volkswagen, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, held an online learning journey at Webdata Solutions on July 7, 2020 as part of a further training event. The focus of the training was on “Digital Transformation in Sales, Retail and After Sales”. During the 1.5-hour event, specialists and managers from VW, together with our founder and CEO […]

Exclusive Insights: Major Home-Improvement Chains vs. Online Platforms

Which full-range retailers had an advantage with the cheaper deals in fall and winter 2019: the large home-improvement chains or their online competitors? On our blog, we present exclusive insights into the German DIY market from the assortment analysis tool blackbee Insights. Online Marketplaces Feature a High Number of Expensive Products Nowadays, several retailers from […]

What Really Matters to Germans Shopping Online

Whether clothing, electronics or cosmetics – for years now, online shops have been an integral part of the German retail trade. According to Statista, the market penetration rate of eCommerce, that is, the proportion of active, paying eCommerce customers in the total population, was already 81.3 percent in 2019. This means that the majority of […]

Girls’ Day 2020: Coding with the blackbees

Anyone can code! On Girls’ Day, we’ll explain the technology involved in the simplest terms possible and create an animated bee project together. Girls’ Day 2020 with the blackbees On March 26, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM, you have the great opportunity to meet our busy bees up close and to get a […]

How to Use Big Data Analytics Profitably in eCommerce

Innovative technologies have driven eCommerce since its inception, so it’s no wonder that the advancing technological possibility of evaluating large amounts of data is especially interesting to online retailers. Such so-called big data analytics is intended to increase sales, create better shopping experiences and ensure higher customer satisfaction. These are no small goals. With the […]

Webdata Solutions Is a Partner of the Leading Software Company Alteryx

Since December 2019, we have been an official partner of Alteryx, the award-winning US software company for data analysis and data science. With its end-to-end platform, Alteryx enables business analysts, data scientists and IT staff to flexibly analyze data from multiple sources to derive important business insights. Overcoming Data Barriers Alteryx’s alliances include partnerships with […]

Better Not Miscalculate: Legal Constraints When Indicating Prices

The following article is a partner article from our colleagues of Händlerbund, the largest e-commerce association in Europe. Simply displaying a sum? Indicating prices to consumers isn’t that easy. We show how it can be done. Prices don’t necessarily have to be stated. But if they are, then correctly. Every retailer and online retailer should […]

blackbee looks back at 2019

A lot happened in 2019! We’ve compiled some of the year’s highlights for you. blackbee is now an official Microsoft partner We believe: Together, we are stronger. That’s why, back in February, we joined the Microsoft Partner Network – a worldwide network of renowned and innovative business solutions. We’re building a strong network with our […]

eCommerce 2020: The Top Trends for the New Year at a Glance

The general economic mood in Germany is currently gloomy – the economy is weakening. Nevertheless, the German eCommerce and Distance Selling Trade Association forecasts a sales increase in eCommerce of 10.5 percent for 2019. However, one thing is certain: In face of increasingly difficult external factors, eCommerce will be breaking new ground next year to […]