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Become part of Webdata Solutions now!

In the last years, Webdata Solutions has developed into one of the international leaders in market and business intelligence. We offer premium DaaS solutions for online retailers, multichannel retailers and brand manufacturers, providing them with ecommerce competitor-driven data. Our customers now include the world’s leading online retailers and manufacturers. Our blackbee platform technology was developed […]

blackbee Tech Talk: Let´s talk about data

We are pleased to invite you to our next Tech Talk on 14 May 2019 in our Leipzig office. Our tech talk is a great networking event for techies as well as people interested in big data and those who would like to find out more about the subject. We also want to explore career […]

Trade 4.0 – an introduction

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and trade 4.0 – you will certainly have come across these terms already. But what’s up with these buzzwords, where are the new digital technologies being used and what are the opportunities for e-commerce? Today’s article will tell you everything you need to know. What is artificial intelligence, What is machine […]

Ready for the deep dive into your data? – Webdata Solutions launches blackbee Insights

Our market analysis software blackbee has been completely redesigned. With the launch of blackbee Insights, the previous blackbee modules have been merged into a new comprehensive solution.  To allow retailers and manufacturers to carry out market and competitor analyses even faster and more efficiently, special emphasis was placed on a fresh new design as well […]

Webdata Solutions is a certified partner of the software giant Microsoft

Now it’s official: Since February we are part of the Microsoft Partner Network – a worldwide network of renowned and innovative business solutions. The advantages of the partnership are obvious: in order to fully exploit the potential of blackbee, we are expanding our existing capabilities, offering our blackbee customers even better services and at the […]

Trust is good, control is better: behaviour patterns – part 2

Behaviour patterns are a secret weapon that originated in behavioural psychology that make your web shop more attractive and convincing. In part one – “Product selection made easy” – we introduced behaviour patterns to help you make product selection easier for your customers. In the second part we will show you which orientation options you […]

Product selection made easy: behaviour patterns – part 1

Shopping according to your gut feeling; our subconscious plays a decisive role in purchasing decisions. In the first part of our series on behaviour patterns in e-commerce, you will learn how to support your customers in their product selection. Generations of philosophers have racked their brains about it, but at least from a psychological point […]

Image recognition by AI: We are working on this technology for you

Artificial intelligence (AI) often sounds like science fiction, but the concept has, above all, great promise for the future. Although the theories behind AI are actually decades old, the technical possibilities for implementing AI have only recently born fruit. For some years now, a specific application of artificial intelligence has been on the rise: automated […]