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Better Not Miscalculate: Legal Constraints When Indicating Prices

The following article is a partner article from our colleagues of Händlerbund, the largest e-commerce association in Europe. Simply displaying a sum? Indicating prices to consumers isn’t that easy. We show how it can be done. Prices don’t necessarily have to be stated. But if they are, then correctly. Every retailer and online retailer should […]

blackbee looks back at 2019

A lot happened in 2019! We’ve compiled some of the year’s highlights for you. blackbee is now an official Microsoft partner We believe: Together, we are stronger. That’s why, back in February, we joined the Microsoft Partner Network – a worldwide network of renowned and innovative business solutions. We’re building a strong network with our […]

E-Commerce 2020: The Top Trends for the New Year at a Glance

The general economic mood in Germany is currently gloomy – the economy is weakening. Nevertheless, the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association forecasts a sales increase in e-commerce of 10.5 percent for 2019. However, one thing is certain: In face of increasingly difficult external factors, e-commerce will be breaking new ground next year to […]

Carina Röllig on Stage at the Internet Governance Forum

Under the motto “One World. One Net. One Vision,” The Internet Governance Forum in Berlin took place November 11-20, 2019. IGF – Internet Governance Forum The IGF is an open discussion platform of the United Nations on key legal, political, social and technical issues surrounding the Internet. International government representatives, organizations, the business, scientific and […]

NRF 2020: blackbee together with Acoustic in New York

The key decision makers in the US retail industry will meet in January 2020 at the NRF, the world’s largest retail conference, in New York. The goal: to gain new perspectives and start the new year with fresh innovations. Visionary talents meet visionary technologies and merge into new perspectives. New York, New York Together with […]

How to Take Your Online Shop’s Conversion Rate to the Next Level

Since 2010, the conversion rate – the ratio of online shop visitors who also become customers – has remained unchanged at 3 percent. With our tips for conversion optimization, you can achieve a more lucrative conversion rate in your online shop. Increase the Conversion Rate with an Appealing Landing Page Before visitors become customers, they […]

Carina Röllig with Startup Teens in Leipzig

Startup Teens is a nonprofit that helps students implement their business ideas free of charge. Whether with the help of online training, through an exchange at events or through a mentoring program – Startup Teens wants to teach teenagers from all educational backgrounds how to think and act like entrepreneurs. Kicking Off a New Entrepreneurial […]

Funding of blackbee’s visual product matching by the Free State of Saxony

Webdata Solutions has been awarded a substantial six-figure grant from the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) for the technical development of the competitive intelligence suite blackbee. The SAB grant for the years 2020-2022 will be used to optimize blackbee’s latest technological feature: visual product matching. The project is implemented in collaboration with the University of Leipzig in […]