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We’re growing and need you! Become part of the blackbee team now.

In just six years, Webdata Solutions has developed into one of the international leaders in market intelligence. We offer premium DaaS solutions for online retailers, multichannel retailers and brand manufacturers, providing them with technology-based, competitor-driven data. Our customers now include the world’s leading online retailers and manufacturers. Our blackbee platform technology was developed over more […]

The most common mistakes in price optimisation

Calculating prices is still a major challenge for many online retailers and manufacturers. Because of increasing competitive pressures, they are forced to compete for customer attention through competitive prices. But beware that when everyone gets cheaper, in the end there’s not enough left for anyone! To survive on the market, it is important to define […]

Dynamic price management: Remain competitive with intelligent price-setting

With increasing price transparency on the web, eCommerce price-setting is becoming ever more complicated. Products must be priced in such a way that they remain attractive to customers, on the one hand, and also offer sufficient margins, on the other. On closer inspection, however, many online retailers and manufacturers lack a transparent pricing strategy that […]

In the spotlight of Microsoft: We are now part of the ScaleUp program

Yay! Selected by a jury of Microsoft executives and venture capitalists, since March this year we have become one of the ten international tech startups from the current Batch Week of Microsoft ScaleUp held in Berlin. Microsoft, the world’s largest software manufacturer, promotes the growth of established startups through its ScaleUp program and supports them […]

Boom in the gaming sector: To whom will the future belong?

When talking about attractive and fast-growing sectors, most people think of areas like fashion, beauty or living. For sure, anyone can identify with that. The topic of “gaming” or the hobby of “computer games”, on the other hand, is often only smiled upon. Especially in times of digitisation, virtual reality and mobile, however, it is […]